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She told me that they had worked together for about 5 years, and that he had been after her for about 6 months to go out or more precisely, to be with him before she finally agreed.

Knowing that he wanted to fuck her, she was hesitant, but finally said he could come over to her apartment and she would fix supper.

That first time she was really nervous, and apparently he was too, as he had trouble getting and keeping a hard-on, so except for some heavy petting and oral play, nothing else happened.

She thought it was because she wasn't sexy enough (she'd always had a self-image problem because of her complexion problems), so she invited him back the following week. She was already in the bed with him, as he had gone down on her first, when she got him hard enough to take her; & she told me she was really ready for him when he entered her.

Over the next 2-3 months, as I was in and out of Atlanta, it turned out she was fucking Ernest every week, even some weeks almost nightly while I was gone.

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Ernest had always refused to use any rubbers telling her how much he loved to take her 'bareback', and during the week-long stay, he got her pregnant on that year's Chicago trip.I am from American Indian, Latino & Scotch-Irish background, but am dark complected more like a Latino.After our second year of marriage when it seemed that she could not get pregnant, even though we'd been trying, we ran into Ernest at a banker-investor's convention (I was then working as a "hard money" finder-investor).Needless to say, given my attitude about women and toenail polish, I have never seen her without toenail polish on since that time.Before she met me, however, she had been seeing ("screwing") Ernest (a black man) whom she also met at her work, for more than 4 years, off and on, as he was married and could not be with her more than several times a week.

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